The Medieval Town experience

Walk the narrow streets of the Medieval Town where the knights used to live. Visit the Grand Master’s Palace. Learn all about the rich history of the Medieval Town in a guided walking tour with a certified local archaeologist.

Discover Lindos

One of the top attractions of the Greek islands, the picturesque village of Lindos cannot be missed. The white houses, the scenic views and of course an imposing ancient acropolis overlooking the village. Apart from the guided part of the tour, there will be plenty of free time to explore and of course try the excellent restaurants of Lindos while enjoying the view from their beautiful roof gardens.

Explore Rhodes Island

Arrange multiple activities in a single day to get the most out of your stay in Rhodes.

A must visit.
Kallithea Thermes – Stunning floor mosaics, beautiful scenery.
The valley of the Butterflies – a once in a lifetime spectacle.
Mount Filerimos – amazing panoramic view of the island and the famous Byzantine monastery.
Wine sampling – Taste the finest of local wines in a traditional winery alongside a local wine expert.

Cruise across the island

Take the sea road all the way to Lindos. Sign up for an unforgettable experience of cruising across the east coast of Rhodes island all the way to the famous village. It is even better than that, as you will stop for a swim in the crystal clear waters of Antony Quinn and Tsambika bays. Experience a full day in the clear blue Mediterranean water, combining famous destinations of the island.

Daily cruises

1. Symi island cruise. Take a daytrip to the beautiful , picturesque island of Symi and visit the world famous monastery of Panormitis and the breathtaking bay of St.George. Sponges, fishermen’s boats, neo classical architecture, and delicious seafood await the visitors.

2. Marmaris – Turkey. Why not visit another country during your stay in Rhodes? Marmaris is the ideal choice. Visit the famous Turkish resort of Marmaris where you can follow an organized tour, or do the sightseeing and shopping on your own.

Sailing adventure

Sail along the scenic coastline of Kallithea and Faliraki. Enjoy the experience of a modern sailing boat while visiting the most famous bays of Rhodes island in Anthony Quinn, Ladiko and Traganou. Enjoy your (included) lunch and beverages on the boat as you sail in the crystal clear Aegean sea.

Photographic tour with Nikos Kasseris

Discover the non-touristic side of Rhodes. Through the guidance of multi award winning Rhodian photographer Nikos Kasseris you can combine a special tour of locations to photograph and at the same time a photography masterclass on the go.

scuba diving

Explore the underwater beauty of Rhodes. Experienced pro instructors will accompany you in a dive under the crystal clear waters of the famous bay of Kallithea. Discover an underwater world of unmatched beauty in a truly unforgettable experience.


Rhodes has beauty even away from the road. Go on an off road adventure in dust, sand, mountains, remote villages, scenic routes and riverbeds compose a scenery for a great and extremely fun experience. Choose whether you will be a passenger with a pro driver on the wheel or drive a 4X4 yourself, following the professional tour leaders. Be the adventurer!


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